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Recertification for HCV

Please read and complete the forms below before your annual recertification appointment. If you need help, contact your caseworker before your appointment date.

All adult household members 18 years and older must attend appointments unless they are working or attending school. If the adult child/children are not working or not in school and do not attend, you will be rescheduled. 

If you are the head of the household and a Disabled or Handicapped Person, you may return your packet by mail with your documentation.

You must bring all documentation for your household income (2 consecutive pay stubs, SS/SSI, unemployment, child support printout showing at least 3 months, etc.), Contribution (statement from family member/friend of how much is given and how often with their name, address, and phone number, Assets (checking account, savings account, life insurance), School Verification (for students 18 years & older), Childcare and Medical Expenses to your appointment.

*** Due to limited seating space, we are requesting that you do not bring children (17 years and under) with you to your appointment. 

  • Applicant/Tenant Certificate
  • General Authorization
  • Notice of Portability form
  • Statement of Family Responsibility
  • Authorization for the Release of Information/Privacy Act Notice
  • Section 8 Application for Continued Occupancy/Recertification (this form is not available online, please contact your caseworker for a copy of this form)