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Fee Schedule

Schedule of Charges
Joint Municipal Housing Cooperative
Revision EFFECTIVE July 1st 2018

This is a schedule of charges for damage to equipment or property due to negligence, housekeeping, etc., and supplies provided or services rendered which are not part or nor included in contract rent.

Plumbing (Kitchen/Bathroom)
Crumb cup $5.00
Sink/Tub Stopper $3.00
Aerator $5.00
Assembly $20.00
J-Bend $10.00
Kitchen Sink Handle $15.00
Tub Handle Cost*
Tissue Holder $7.00
Tissue Roller $2.00
Bathroom Fan Grill $20.00
Towel Bar $8.50
Towel Bar Brackets $7.00
Medicine Cabinet Cost*
Medicine Cabinet Shelf $5.00
Shower Rod $15.00
Toilet Tank Lid Cost*
Toilet Bowl Cost* (plus labor)
Toilet Tank & Bowl Cost* (plus labor)
Toilet Seat & Lid $15.00
Toilet Seat & Lid H/D $22.00
Toilet Handle Flush Handle Complete Set $12.00
Bathroom Sink Replacement Cost*
Shower Diverter Cost*
Shower Head Cost*
Faucet Replacement - Complete Unit $40.00
Faucet Only $21.00
Outside Faucet Repair $25.00
Outside Faucet Replacement Cost*
Unstop Toilet $15.00
Unstop Toilet - Take Up $30.00
Unstop Toilet (after hours or on weekends 15/30 plus labor @ 1 ½ times per hour)
Unstop Sink/Tub $5.00
Sink/Tub (after hours or on weekends 15.00 plus labor @ 1 ½ times per hour)
Drain Lines - Washer, Sewer $30.00

Screen Doors
Security Screen Door Cost* (plus labor)
Handle & Latch $20.00
Handle Only (inside) $9.00
Screen Door Latch Only $10.00
Door Closer (Pump) $15.00
Wire Insert Cost*
Kick Panel Cost* (plus labor)

Windows & Screens 
Security Window Screen Cost* (plus labor)
Window Screen at Benjamin Manor Cost*
Window Locks $10.00
Small Window Shade Cost*
Large Window Shade Cost*
Small Curtain Rod $2.00
Large Curtain Rod $3.00

Window Glass 
Small Bottom Cost* (plus labor) 
Small Top Cost* (plus labor)
Medium Bottom Cost* (plus labor)
Medium Top Cost* (plus labor)
Large Bottom Cost* (plus labor)
Large Top Cost* (plus labor)

Interior Doors * (plus labor)
Exterior Doors * (plus labor)
Door Hinges $5.00
Deadbolt Lock Latch $23.00
Complete Deadbolt Replacement $35.00
New Key Issuance $10.00 (per key)
Change Lock (must change all door cores - 3 or 5 depending on location) $20.00 per core
Door Stop $3.00
Door Knob $18.00
Dummy Knobs (Closet) $6.00
Dummy Lever Handles $12.50
Closet Rod Ends $3.50 per set
Repair/Replace Door Facing/Jam (kick-in $30.00 per + labor)

Wall Damage Repairs/Painting 
4"x4" Wall Patch $18.00
6"x6" Wall Patch $20.00
8"x8" Wall Patch $25.00
Repair of Holes Over 12"x12" $30.00 (plus labor)
Painting Due to Damage, Neglect, Housekeeping $70.00 per room

Counter Top Replacement Cost* (plus labor)
Cabinet Door or Drawer Replacement Cost* (plus labor)
Cabinet Door/Drawer Hinge $5.00

Stoves - Electric 
Hood Fan Motor $36.00
Hood Bulb $2.00
Hood Light Cover $5.75
Large Burner Element $25.00
Small Burner Element $20.00
Burner Drip Pans $4.00
Burner Switch $26.00
Knob Replacements (per knob) Cost*
Oven Racks $15.00
Range Splash Guard $20.00
Filter for Exhaust Fan $5.50
Filter for Wall Mount Exhaust Fan 9 ½ inch $5.00
Filter for Wall Mount Exhaust Fan 11 inch $9.00
Oven Door Handle Cost*
Oven Broiler Element Cost*
Oven Bake Element Cost*
Oven Broiler Pan $10.00
Range Hood Replacement Cost* (plus labor)
Stove Replacement Cost* (plus labor)
Stove-Top Firestop Canisters Replacement $35.00

Stoves - Gas
Burner Grates $15.00
Gas Safety Valve $75.00
Knob Replacements (per knob) Cost*
Oven Racks $15.00
Burner Units (back) $25.00
Burner Units (front) $24.00
Range Splash Guard $20.00
Hood Light Cover $5.75
Oven Door Handle Cost*
Oven Broiler Pan $10.00
Burner Switch $26.00
Cleaning of Burner Port Holes $5.00 (per porthole)
Range hood replacement Cost* (plus labor)
Stove replacement Cost* (plus labor)
Stove-Top Firestop canisters replacement $35.00

Refrigerator Replacement Cost* (plus labor)
Crisper Cover $50.00
Crisper Bin $41.00
Racks $26.00
Refrigerator Door Handle $14.00
Freezer Door Handle $14.00
Gasket - Top $46.00
Gasket - Bottom $54.00
Kick Guard $8.00

Switch Plate Cover $3.00
Receptacle Cover $2.00
Receptacle Outlet $5.00
Outside Receptacle Cover $5.00
Cable Wire Outlet Cover $2.00
Kitchen Hanging Light Fixture Cost*
Kitchen Acrylic/Fluorescent Fixture Cost*
Acrylic Lens Cover $25.00
Hallway Ceiling Light Globe $7.00
Hallway Tulip Fixture Cover $6.00
Hallway Tulip Fixture $15.00
Bathroom Light Fixture Cost*
Porch Light Fixture $41.00
Porch Light Cover (jelly jar) $6.00
Porch Light Cover (box cover) Cost*
Fluorescent Bulb Replacement $7.00

Cleaning Charges 
Clean Stove $30.00
Clean Refrigerator $30.00
Clean Bathtub $10.00
Clean Toilet $10.00 per toilet
Clean Sink (bathroom or kitchen) $5.00 per sink
Clean Windows $15.00
Cleaning of Walls or Ceilings $10.00 per room
Cleaning of Floors $5.00 per room
Cleaning Supplies $15.00
Removing Items from Unit (not furniture) $10.00 per room
Removing Any Furniture (either from inside unit left after move-out or for active tenant on porch, curb or yard) $30.00 per trip
Removal/Pick-up of Trash/Debris from any yard/parking space (front, side, back) $20.00 per yard or space
Removal of Trash/Debris/Toy from Roof $20.00 per

Miscellaneous Charges 
Copies Made 25 cents per page
Moving Trash Can from Curb/Sidewalk to Unit $5.00
Tampering With/Unplugging/Taking Down Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Tester $50.00
Repair/Replacement of Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Tester $30.00
Repair Clothesline/Replace Lines $5.00 per line
Replace Mailbox Lock $15.00
Light Pilot (Disconnect Non-Payment) $15.00
Fee to Install Light Bulbs $3.00
HVAC - Thermostat Replacement Cost*
HVAC - Filter Replacement $6.00
HVAC - Repair Due to Damage/Neglect/Inappropriate Usage Cost*
HVAC - Replacement Due to Damage/Neglect/Inappropriate Usage Cost*
Extraordinary Pest Control Due to Housekeeping/Neglect Cost*
Fill Holes in Yard Cost* (plus labor)
Floor Tile Replacement $3.00 per tile
Unlock Door - During Office Hours $25.00
Unlock door - After Hours Before 11 pm $40.00
Unlock Door - After 11 pm $50.00
Service Call - No Repair Needed $50.00
Calls that are False Claims of Emergency $50.00
Laundry Room Doors Replacement $58.68
3rd Offense Smoking Fine $100.00

*Cost - means the actual cost for repair, to include invoice pricing and labor, and/or contract costs.

This schedule is not an all-inclusive list. All maintenance charges for repairs, replacements, supplies and services other than listed here will be assessed at actual labor costs plus actual material costs. Maintenance work performed after hours or on weekends and holidays will be assessed at one and one-half times the regular labor rate of $16.69 per hour, plus material costs. Maintenance work performed by contractors will be assessed at the actual cost to the Authorities.

Revised and effective 07/01/2018
Approved by Boards:
BHA 07/31/2018
Bladen 06/26/2018