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RFP Lawn Care #2020-0728

For a printable, formatted version of RFP#2020-0728 (all of which is included below), click here.

Bladen & Bladenboro Housing Authorities
JULY 30TH 2020
Solicitation No. 2020-0728


All proposals must be submitted in hard copy (no emails or faxes) to the following address:

If using courier service or hand delivery:
Attn: Executive Director - RFP #2020-0728
706 Chestnut Street
Bladenboro, NC 28320

If mailing by US postal service:
Attn: Executive Director - RFP #2020-0728
PO Box 339
Bladenboro, NC 28320

Proposals must be received no later than MONDAY, AUGUST 31ST 2020 AT 3:00 PM
Deadline extended to September 30th 2020 at 10:00 am.

Click here to download the Bid Sheet.


  1. Introduction
  2. General Information and Agencies' Rights
  3. Description/Scope of Services Requested
  4. Evaluation Factors
  5. Proposal Formant and Due Date
  6. Attachments/Necessary Forms - Forms to be completed/included with bid packet
    1. HUD-5369 Form
    2. HUD-5369 A Form
    3. HUD-5369 B Form
    4. HUD-5370-C Form, Sections I & II
    5. Section 3 Business Preference Form
    6. Bid Sheet
    7. Insurance Certification - To be included with bid packet by bidder
    8. Mandatory Contract Clauses for Small Purchases Other Than Construction
    9. HUD Forms 52158 Maintenance Wage Rate Determinations


The Bladen and Bladenboro Housing Authorities (hereinafter, "BHA" or "the Agency") are a public entity that were formed to provide federally subsidized housing and housing assistance to low-income families, within the County of Bladen, North Carolina. BHA is governed by two Boards of Commissioners, one with (5) members and the other with (10) members, all appointed by the Mayors of the Towns of Bladenboro, Clarkton and Elizabethtown. BHA is subject to the requirements of Title 24 of the Code of Federal Regulations (hereinafter, "CFR") and the Agencies' procurement policy. The boards employ an Executive Director to administer the BHA operations.

The BHA owns and operates 154 public housing units and administers 232 Housing Choice Vouchers. BHA's public housing properties are the subject of this RFP. The sites and addresses are as follows:

  • Spinners Court, 706 Chestnut Street, Bladenboro, NC 28320
  • Harmony Homes, 419 Elizabethtown Road, Bladenboro, NC 28320
  • Twisted Hickory Homes, 390 Twisted Hickory Rd., Elizabethtown, NC 28337
  • Oakdale Homes, 10898 S. College Street, Clarkton, NC 28433
  • Benjamin Manor, 635 Smith Circle, Elizabethtown, NC 28337 (note this property's front entrance is 510 Mercer Mill Rd., Elizabethtown)

In keeping with its mandate to provide efficient and effective services, the BHA is soliciting proposals for the services indicated herein, via this Request for Proposals (hereinafter "RFP"). The BHA is sincerely concerned about the safety, health and satisfaction of its residents and employees. The purpose of lawn and grounds maintenance services is to provide well maintained developments and properties throughout all BHA public housing and administrative properties. This contributes to the health, safety, welfare and overall satisfaction of our residents.

The BHA considers the Section 3 preference in the award of all contracts.Please review the Section 3 documents attached to this RFP to determine if you may claim this preference.You MUST designate whether you do or do not claim this preference in your bid.



Agency Contact Person: Stevie Craig
Telephone: 910-863-4919

THE AGENCIES' RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: The Agencies reserve the right to:

  1. Right to Reject, Waive or Terminate the RFP.  Reject any or all proposals, to waive any informality in the RFP process, or to terminate the RFP process at any time, if deemed by the Agencies to be in their best interests.
  2. Right to Not Award. Not to award a contract pursuant to this RFP.
  3. Right to Terminate. Terminate a contract awarded pursuant to this RFP, at any time for its convenience upon ten (10) days written notice to the successful bidder (hereinafter, "service provider" or service provider technician").
  4. Right to Determine Time and Location. Determine the days, hours and locations that the service provider shall provide the services called for in this RFP.
  5. Right to Retain Proposals. Retain all proposals submitted and not permit withdrawal for a period of sixty (60) days subsequent to the deadline for receiving proposals without the written consent of the Agencies' Contact Person.
  6. Right to Negotiate. Negotiate the amount of fees that are paid to the successful bidder, meaning the fees proposed by the apparent successful proposal may be the basis for the beginning of negotiations.
  7. Right to Reject any Proposal. Reject and not consider any proposal that does not meet the requirements of this RFP, including but not necessarily limited to incomplete proposals and/or proposals offering alternate or non-requested services.
  8. No Obligation to Compensate. Have no obligation to compensate any bidder for any costs incurred in responding to this RFP.
  9. Right to Prohibit. Any time during the RFP or contract process to prohibit any further participation by a bidder or reject any proposal submitted that does not conform to any of the requirements detailed herein. By contacting the Agency Contact Person and requesting a bid packet, each prospective bidder is thereby agreeing to abide by all terms and conditions listed within this document and further agrees he/she will inform the Agency Contact Person in writing within 5 days of the discovery of any item listed herein or of any item that is issued thereafter by the Agency that he/she feels needs to be addressed.  Failure to abide by this time frame shall relieve the Agency, but not the prospective bidder, or any responsibility pertaining to such issue.



  1. Lawn and grounds maintenance services are to be rendered covering the actual performance work in accordance with the following specifications:
    1. The service provider shall provide all labor, tools, materials, equipment, warehousing of materials, transportation, supplies and services, and perform and complete all work required to fully execute the work of lawn and grounds maintenance services for Bladen and Bladenboro Housing Authorities as specified below at the sites listed in the middle of page 3 , I. Introduction.
    2. The service provider is required to notify PHA prior to arrival on site for each service to be completed. A simple text message of site and service is acceptable. All employees/staff of contractor must have a "uniform" shirt which clearly identifies they are part of the business, and all vehicles must contain "logo" to identify the contractor.
      1. Spray grass areas at all sites with pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control at a time which is best for the chemicals to work - (will need to specify what month these services will be conducted)
      2. Aerate, lime and fertilize grass areas at all sites in April. Use a 10-10-10 fertilizer.
      3. Over seed grass areas at all sites with the applicable type of grass seeds in April.
      *The mowing services include:
      1. Weekly for the months of June through October
      2. Bi-Weekly for the months of March through May
      3. Monthly for the months of November through February
        • Picking up and removing any trash, litter, debris, branches from grounds, sidewalks and parking lots PRIOR to mowing operations. The contractor shall notify the PHA of persistent or excessive litter conditions PRIOR to MOWING.
        • Mow lawns at all units and common areas of each site. Mowers will be used in such a way that grass will be blown away from the buildings, walks, obstacles, HVAC equipment, etc. Any HVAC damage resulting from lawn clippings or other such careless acts will result in repair costs being deducted from service provider's invoice payments. All equipment shall be properly maintained to insure no damage is caused to PHA lawns, property and/or sewer caps, etc. Equipment shall be operated at appropriate speeds for safety and quality.
        • Grass clippings which clump due to excessive height and/or from mowing in wet conditions will be expected to be bagged and/or raked and removed so as to leave the lawn in a well-manicured condition.
        • Trimming/weed-eating is required at each mowing - is to be done for all grass around building foundations, trees, shrubs, plant beds, concrete slabs, utility pads, poles, signs, fences and any obstacles that prevent actual mowing.
        • All sidewalks, driveways/parking spaces, porches and porch pads should have all grass clippings removed by blower, rake or broom.
        • In April edge all sidewalks, curbs and parking areas with a steel blade. After the initial edging, edging shall be done one time per month during the growing season (April through October) with a steel blade.
        • In April remove all grass in sidewalk expansion joints and curbing. Spray a chemical as needed to prevent re-growth throughout the contract (no less than 2 times per year).
        • In April remove any vines growing on fencing at all sites. Spray with a chemical as needed to prevent re-growth throughout the contract.
      • Trim all shrubs during the growing season - May, July and September. Cut small vines, tree saplings, poisonous vegetation, etc. out of shrubs.
      • All shrub trimmings shall be picked up and removed from the sites.
      • Maintain plant beds at entrance signs of all five property sites - mulch and fertilize in April of each year. Keep beds free of weed growth.
      • Maintain all plant beds in common areas and foundation areas of each apartment building on all sites. Mulch and fertilize in April of each year. Keep beds free of weed growth.
  2. The bidder may request to schedule an onsite visit. It is recommended that the bidder make such a request within a reasonable time, so as to provide the bidder adequate time to complete the bid packet. NO EXTENSION OF TIME TO COMPLETE THE BID PACKET WILL BE PERMITTED DUE TO FAILURE OF BIDDER TO SCHEDULE SITE VISITS IN A TIMELY MANNER.
  3. The service provider will comply with all local, state and federal safety regulations as applicable. The service provider must comply with OSHA regulations.
  4. Standards of Conduct: All service provider personnel are required to meet acceptable performance standards and comply with BHA policies at all times. Service provider personnel are not to engage in any acts of violence, fighting, threats, disorderly conduct, intimidating conduct, sexual/verbal/physical/visual forms of harassment, or otherwise interfere with resident(s) or BHA employee(s). Form for action to be taken is that of banning the person(s) from BHA's properties and possible termination of the "Contractual Agreement". No drug or alcohol use is allowed on BHA properties at any time. Any bidder awarded this contract shall ensure that their employees, employers and/or subcontractors do not use drugs or alcohol on the premises or while performing work for BHA. SUCH CONDUCT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. BHA properties are all smoke-free as well. No service provider personnel shall smoke on the premises.
  5. Agency Cooperation: BHA shall extend necessary cooperation to ensure effective results from the lawn and grounds maintenance contract. Whenever conditions are not conducive to complete lawn and grounds maintenance, the BHA shall take the necessary steps to correct such condition whenever feasible and possible.
  6. Terms of Agreement: The agreement shall be effective for an original period of three years, with the option of two one-year extension periods, if agreed upon by both parties. However BHA reserves the right to cancel said agreement upon thirty (30) days written notification. Should the service provider awarded this contract desire to cancel the contract, thirty (30) days written notice shall be given.
  7. Billing/Payment: All billings shall reflect the areas serviced as designated/listed in the middle of page 3, I. Introduction. BHA shall have a minimum of one month to process payments, and only after service is rendered, payroll time sheets have and invoice is submitted.
  8. Insurance: Prior to BHA awarding any lawn and grounds maintenance contract, the service provider shall provide limits of mandatory insurance coverage (see insurance requirements listed below). Current, valid insurance policies meeting the requirements herein identified, shall be maintained during the entire duration of the contract period, and initially included in the bid packet. Insurance renewal certificates shall be sent to the BHA.
    1. Insurance requirements:
      • An original certificate evidencing General Liability coverage, naming the BHA as an additional insured, together with the appropriate endorsement to said policy reflecting the addition of the BHA as an additional insured under said policy (minimum of $1,000,000 each occurrence, general aggregate minimum limit of $2,000,000 together with damage to premises and fire damage of $50,000 and medical expenses any one person of $5,000), with a deductible of not greater than $1,000;
      • An original certificate evidencing the proposer's current Worker's Compensation insurance carrier and coverage amount as required by the State of North Carolina workers compensation laws;
      • An original certificate showing proposer's Automobile Insurance Coverage in a combined single limit of $1,000,000. For every vehicle utilized during the term of this program, when not owned by the entity, each vehicle must have evidence of automobile insurance coverage with limits of no less than $50,000/$100,000 and medical pay of $5,000.
  9. Indemnification: To the fullest extent permitted by law, the service provider awarded the lawn and grounds maintenance contract, shall indemnify and hold harmless the Bladen and Bladenboro Housing Authorities, its agents, and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses; including but not limited to: Attorney's fees arising out of or resulting from the work, provided that any such claim, damage, loss or expense is:
    1. Attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease or death; or to injury destruction of property (other than the work itself) including the loss of use resulting therefrom.
    2. Caused in whole or in part by negligent act or omission of contractor, any subcontractor, anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them, or anyone for whose acts any of them may be liable, regardless of whether or not such claims, damages, losses, and expenses are caused in part by any party indemnified thereunder.



  1. Proposals will be evaluated and awards granted based on one or more of the following factors:
    1. Demonstrated understanding of the services being solicited;
    2. Quality of the work plan;
    3. Demonstrated experience in performing similar work;
    4. Demonstrated successful past performance of contract work substantially similar to that required by the solicitation as verified by reference checks or other means; and
    5. The proposed fee(s).


  1. Each proposal must be submitted in writing (hard copy) to the Executive Director. (Submittal information on page 12) All communications regarding this proposal must be directed to the Executive Director only. The bid proposal must be clear as to all requirements listed under the description/scope of services.
  2. Proposed fees:
    The proposed fees are all-inclusive of any related costs that the service provider will incur in the execution of the contract agreement to include wages, benefits, overhead, profit, materials and supplies. Unless otherwise requested, all pricing shall be fixed price for the work requested. Pricing should be listed for each service as reflected in the scope of work and by development as listed on page 3, Section I. Introduction.